Ludovico De Luigi

Ludovico De Luigi was born in Venice, in 1933.
He lives and works in Italy.
Ludovico De Luigi was born in Venice from an artistic family since his father was a famous spatialist painter. From 1950 he has been traveling the world and he has settled down in different places such as Turin, Rome, France and in the United States. Beside art, one of his main interests is the entomology. In 1959, his passion for the venetian vedutisti pushed him to assiduously attend the Gallery of Palazzo Corsini in Rome, where with a lot of study he gained access to the pictorial technique of Canaletto, until he got able to replicate it with real mastery.

The first exhibitions started in 1965 with the solo show at the Gallery Il Canale of Venice, but it's just after the encounter with the gallerist Luciano Ravagnan in 1968 that De Luigi clearly intensified his exhibitions activity in Venice, in Italy and abroad. One exhibition has followed another in the cities of Trieste, Milan, New York, Monaco, Montecarlo, Paris, and from 1957 even in a lot of german cities.  
Near the steam of Landscape painting and of entomology, he made himself a prophet-painter of all the threatenings that Venice has been facing due to his nature, such as the high tides, pollution, the advent of technology, the commercialization of the city and so forth. In 1978 he realized his first important performance "Colleoni Surf" at the Palazzo Grassi’s theater; in 1979 he set up a series of exhibitions in Spain; in 1981 he set out in Mexico and afterwards in Brazil. In 1984 he set up a big show in the ward of Palazzo dei Diamanti of Ferrara. In 1986 he attended the 42° Biennale of Art in Venice, entitled "Art and Science" with the staging of "Teatrum Filosoficum".

In the 80's de Luigi got closer to the art of sculpture, devoting himself to the execution of huge bronze horses, founding the inspiration on the famous quadrille of the Basilica di San Marco. The horses of De Luigi can be found in the squares of Marseille, St. Louis, Chicago, Denver, Perth, Bolzano. For the Venetian Carnival of 1990 he realized full-size chocolate horse, whereas in 1999 he made another horse using glass, taking advantage of Murano's furnaces.
In his career De Luigi has become involved in friendship with known figures, such as Peggy Guggenheim, Federico Fellini, Oscar Niemeyer, Stanley Kubrick, Laurence Olivier, David Bowie. His last anthological exhibition was set up in 2013 by the Fondazione Bevilacqua la Masa of Venice.
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