Umberto Ciceri

Galleria Ravagnan, Venice

We are pleased to announce a new collaboration with Italian artist Umberto Ciceri. Known for his innovative research in perception, Ciceri combines art and science in a fascinating dialogue.

Ciceri's work is based on neuroaesthetic studies, a field of research that uses cognitive science to analyze the biological basis of aesthetic experience. This scientific approach is reflected in his extraordinary lenticular installations, which create colorful and dynamic visions.

A crucial element of Umberto Ciceri's research is his technique called "Hypertrait." This technique involves using special lenses that encourage the viewer to move in front of the work. His works embrace sections with different aesthetic content and innovative representation methods based on a personal evolution of this technique.

Each of Ciceri's works is a strong expression of creativity combined with unique and meticulous craftsmanship. From different angles, each piece reveals new dimensions, offering a complete and unique view of a masterpiece.

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