Impossible Venice
Anny Carraro

Ateneo Veneto, Venice
Maestro Ludovico De Luigi is the protagonist of the documentary, the last great Venetian painter who calls himself a "Visionary Svedutista."

His teachers have mainly been Canaletto and Tiepolo. Of the first one, De Luigi takes up the views alienating them in "svedute"; with the Pulcinellas of the second indeed, De Luigi populates Venice. They are in fact symbols of irony and playfulness,  typical feature of the Venetian character, as well as the alter ego of the painter himself.

The documentary of Anny Carraro follows the Maestro in various occasions such as in Venice, Paris, London, Rome; and in conversation with John Berendt, American author who narrates of Venice, "The City of Falling Angels".

Olga Neuwirth's electronic music creates a particular synergistic effect.

The short film was awarded at the New York International Film and Video Festival and at the International Film Festival Telc (Czech Republic).
Ateneo Veneto
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