Jiggo Peerapol
'Oh, My Plastic Heart!'

14.6.2024 - 28.6.2024
Ravagnan Gallery, Dorsoduro 686

Jiggo Peerapol, a talented young artist, is among the leading names in the Thai contemporary art scene. At Ravagnan Gallery, June 14-28, 2024, he presents 13 paintings that tell his vision of the World, an idea of society.

Jiggo Peerapol's works are a kind of mockup, a more or less faithful reproduction of reality for purely illustrative purposes. The figures that populate his works are as much a model of the forces at work in reality as are children's toys.

As is the case with children, the artist invents a fantasy world with its own precise rules, populated, like fairy tales, with good guys and bad guys, monsters and heroes starring in adventures with happy endings. In doing so we master the fears that real life brings, we train ourselves to face them.

In the world of toys we rule stories with the power of imagination. Jiggo Peerapol is just over 30 years old, but that fantasy world is already so far away even for him that he regrets it. He longs for the powerful imagination of children, the seriousness with which they apply themselves to play, between reality and fiction. His is a mental projection. More than a daydream, it is a hallucination; it is an awareness of what we are experiencing

The hyperrealism of figures and environments, the bright colors only enhance the contradictions of reality. The game is uncovered. Juxtaposing elements of different cultures, of different worlds, from Pinocchio to manga, Jiggo Peerapol represents the universality of this restlessness. It poses and questions us about the values and truths of our society.

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