Guido Anton Muss

4.3.2023 - 28.4.2023
S├╝dtiroler Sparkasse

An exhibition at the Bolzano Südtiroler Sparkasse commemorates the artist Guido Anton Muss, combining sculptures and paintings

In the atrium of the bank, an airy eye-catcher awaits visitors with its weight: it is a large wooden ‘Centaur’. Smaller sculptures and a series of paintings can be found on the first floor of the building.

Since 1999, more than one hundred works by Maestro Guido Anton Muss have been kept in the Museum Ladin ─ćiastel de Tor, in San Martino in Badia in Alto Adige, where a major exhibition will be held at the end of summer 2023 to mark the twentieth anniversary of his death.

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Guido Anton Muss