Davide Puma

Ravagnan Gallery, Venice
Ravagnan Gallery is proud to announce a new collaboration with the Italian artist Davide Puma.

Puma (Sanremo, 1971) focuses his artistic research on nature, humanity, and the universe. Animals, people, and mythological creatures, are delicately bound together with surreal visions and metamorphoses.

Internationally renowned, his collaborations include exhibitions in Italy (including a permanent collection at the MACS Museum), France, the United Kingdom, Japan, and the United States.

“Art has the role of bringing poetry and beauty as regenerating elements to give hope [..] I think that we are part of a huge and unique fabric in constant evolution, where randomness occurs inside destiny, creating nuances, or the way in which events are to meant to happen. When I work on a painting, a time comes when the randomness of the gesture and the sign participates in; when there is no more control, and I rely on unpredictability”.

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Davide Puma