Bruno Catalano
Fondaco dei Tedeschi

Ravagnan Gallery per il Fondaco dei Tedeschi
On the occasion of the birthday of the artist Bruno Catalano, the travelers "Davide", "Hubert", and "Laura" visit Fondaco dei Tedeschi, the historic Venetian palace and Lifestyle Department Store located on the Grand Canal next to the Rialto Bridge.

Contemporary art and architecture meet in the beautiful setting of Venice thanks to the collaboration between two historical realities of the city: the Ravagnan Gallery and Fondaco dei Tedeschi.

Fondaco dei Tedeschi is a building rich in history, which has always played a central role as a meeting place for cultures and commercial exchanges, and which has seen merchants and travelers from all over the world arrive in Venice since the thirteenth century.
T Fondaco Dei Tedeschi by DFS
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