Bruno Catalano

14.05.2022 - 14.06.2022
Salone Nautico Venezia 2022

Monumental art returns to Piazza San Marco. From May 14 to June 15 during the Venice Boat Show, four monumental works by Bruno Catalano will be exhibited in four different locations in Venice, including one that will be placed in Piazza San Marco for a limited time only.

Thanks to the collaboration of the City of Venice and Vela Spa, Bruno Catalano’s monumental works will be on display under the arches of the Napoleonic Wing, in Riva Ca’ di Dio, at the entrance to the Arsenale and inside the Venice Boat Show.

The works are part of the Les Voyageurs series, striking bronze sculptures characterized by the total absence of the central part of the body, ethereal “unfinished” characters who are always carrying luggage.

Bruno Catalano’s works are represented exclusively in Italy by Ravagnan Gallery, the oldest contemporary art gallery in Piazza San Marco. In 2022, Ravagnan Gallery enters its 55th year of continuous activity, striving to always maintain a close connection with the city, especially with Piazza San Marco, where it has already exhibited works of art and given life to artistic performances several times in the past.

“Benoît”, a sculpture of an unbalanced traveler on the move as a reminder of the frenetic rhythms of the present, will be placed under the arches of the Napoleonic Wing in front of the entrance to the Correr Museum; the sculpture “Pierre David Triptyque”, a plastic metaphor for our being simple travelers in life, will be placed in Riva Ca’ di Dio; “Hubert”, a sculpture of a humble traveler who is content to follow the course of things, and “Non Finito”, a sculpture representing the infinity of directions, retouches, modifications, on an artwork, allowed by clay, will be placed at the entrance to the Arsenale.

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