Bruno Catalano

01.6.2024 - 31.10.2024
Molo Bestoso
Muretto di Alassio

Following the success of the ongoing experience in Genoa, the art exhibition "La Metafora del Viaggio" by Italian-French artist Bruno Catalano is arriving in Alassio for LIGYES 2024: Alassio – Genova Cultura Fest.

The open-air exhibition, curated by the Ravagnan Gallery, is organized in partnership with the cities of Genoa, Alassio, and the Liguria Region. It features two monumental sculptures from the extraordinary "Travelers" series, "Blue de Chine" and "Non Finito," which will be exhibited until October 31st on the Alassio seafront at the entrance to Molo Bestoso.

During the opening of the festival, Bruno Catalano has signed a tile on the famous Muretto di Alassio, in the presence of Alassio's mayor, Marco Melgrati, and Angela Berrino, representative of the Berrino Foundation. The Muretto, decorated since the 1950s with tiles signed by celebrities, artists, and notable personalities, is a historical and cultural symbol of the city. Catalano's signature enhances this iconic place, blending tradition and modernity in an event that celebrates art and collective memory.

The Travelers by Bruno Catalano
"The Travelers" by Bruno Catalano are characters immortalized in sculpture in the midst of a long journey, the duration, origin, and destination of which remain unknown to us. In his work, these men and women taken from everyday life take on a heroic dimension and become symbols of continuity and transformation. With their monumental stature, they explore and narrate the universal themes of human existence: identity, migration, and the journey itself. These individuals carry within their luggage fragments of life and history. Their destiny is inevitably linked to their roots, keeping them in a precarious balance between the past and the future. Bruno Catalano represents human beings, suspended figures traveling, crossed by light, wind, and gaze. Incomplete bodies where the missing parts become windows in which to recognize oneself, metaphors of movement and connection with the journey of life.

Blue de Chine
"Blue de Chine" is a work dedicated to all those workers who come from remote lands. The blue patina enveloping the sculpture evokes the distinctive clothing of workers and sailors. Bruno Catalano himself was one of them, leaving Morocco and arriving in Marseille with nothing but a modest suitcase. This sculpture celebrates humanity in motion and the courage of migrant workers who have helped shape the world we live in.

Non Finito
"Non Finito" is a sculpture enveloped in drapery that confounds, completely covering the figure and giving it an appearance of invisibility, indecipherability, and ineffability. This artwork symbolizes the limitless directions, touches, and modifications possible in clay-based artistry. To maintain the sculpture's malleability and softness, the sculptor wraps it nightly with a wet cloth. The artist uses this cloth as a canvas to compose a three-dimensional poem, enabling ongoing work on an unfinished statue—a representation of work in progress. The mystical quality of this sculpture captures the vast spectrum of creative possibilities.When we look past classical style, we see a deep respect for the great masters in Bruno Catalano's work, particularly in his fascination with intricate draperies. Ultimately, his sculptures reflect the essence of labor in its purest form—both for the self-taught artist and the worker. As a former assembly line worker, sailor, and electrician, Catalano cherishes and pays tribute to manual labor marked by repetitive gestures and a quest for perfection with subtle nuances.

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