Attasit Pokpong
'Flowering Branch'

28.6.2024 - 12.7.2024
Ravagnan Gallery, Dorsoduro 686

Attasit Pokpong (Bangkok, 1977) is among the leading exponents of Thai contemporary art.
His enigmatic and symbolic women's faces, which have now entered the collective imagination, have become the most characteristic element of his production since 2008. At Ravagnan Gallery, from June 28 to July 12, 2024, the artist presents 10 of them, all of which are previously unpublished paintings.

After investigating Thailand's natural landscapes and Bangkok's urban landscapes with his art, in recent years Attasit Pokpong makes the 'branch' of Pop Art 'flourish,' as the title of this exhibition tells. His 'Thai Marilyns' do not hide their descent from Andy Warhol's American ones; rather, they quote and challenge them in variations on the theme.

The painter's model is his wife, the unapproachable gaze on the mostly frontal face, cropped in the helmet that frames it: a studied impassivity, to bring out the burst of full, sensual lips in the most intense colors, yellow, pink, red. The expressionless face comes alive in that magnetic mouth. It is closed, yet it dialogues intensely with the viewer. It conveys a primal force; it is no longer a true, personal portrait, but an almost divine archetype.

"Art of presence," Pokpong calls it: the spirit of the universe with all its mystery, its uncanny and inscrutable charm. For him, the female face is absolute emotion, the highest form of communication through an experience of ecstatic contemplation. The chromatic gradations of skin, evanescent or ringing, mark the shifting of feelings from languor to tumult.

With the mirrored glasses of the most recent paintings, the artist attempts an ironic desecration: they break the archaic compactness of the oval face and reflect sensitive reality, life flowing around the enigmatic idol, out of time.

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