Andrea Vizzini

4.3.2023 - 14.4.2023
MUSA Historical Archaeological Museum of Nola
The painting and sculpture exhibition by master Andrea Vizzini that started at the Arcos Museum in Benevento continues with some variations in the exhibition spaces of the Historical Archaeological Museum in Nola, Naples.

The exhibition presents a series of works by artist Andrea Vizzini that take us back to the myth of classicism and especially to a new reinterpretation of Greek mythology.

OMNIA-MYTHOS is presented in the catalog by Giacomo Franzese director of the museum. The event was conceived by Michele Loria and sponsored by the City of Nola - Department of Culture. Scientific coordination by Susanna Crispino. Organizational coordination and exhibition set up by Arte Globo Nola.

Andrea Vizzini has exhibited in numerous international shows, receiving recognition from art critics and collectors. His works are in public and private collections around the world.
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