Andrea Roggi

Lungomare dei Cavalieri
Ravagnan Gallery is pleased to announce the exhibition of "Koi No Yokan," Italian for "Premonition of Love," an extraordinary work by Andrea Roggi that embodies Amalfi's homage to historic and heroic agriculture and the dual soul of the picturesque Amalfi Coast.

Created by Master Andrea Roggi, this sculpture was set up at the entrance to Amalfi in conjunction with the first National Assembly of Rural Landscapes of Historical Interest. The event, scheduled from November 17 to 19, 2023, is an initiative in collaboration with the Municipal Administration led by Mayor Daniele Milano. It aims to raise awareness among institutions at various levels about the challenges and threats facing historic agriculture, promoting concrete actions for the maintenance, protection and promotion of such landscapes, which are recognized with the prestigious Masaf label.

Master Andrea Roggi's sculpture, entitled "Premonition of Love" (Koi No Yokan in Japanese), is a profound reflection on time and the continuity of life, representing an indissoluble union between historical roots, the anthropomorphic present and a radiant future, symbolized by the fruit-laden branches.

The work, currently placed at the mouth of the Lungomare dei Cavalieri, will remain in Amalfi until next spring, anticipating the installation of new sculptures by master Andrea Roggi. The councilwoman in charge of culture, Enza Cobalto, will lead the organization of this extraordinary exhibition.
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