Andrea Roggi

8.12.2022 - 31.3.2023
Terrazza della Repubblica
Piazza della Repubblica
Piazza Maria Luisa
Molo La Madonnina

After his critically acclaimed exhibition Terra Mater | Earth and Heaven, seen in the Veneto and Basilicata regions, Maestro Andrea Roggi brings his sculptures to Viareggio with the open-air exposition Res Sacrae | Human and Divine. This is Roggi’s concluding artistic engagement for the year 2022.

The exhibition features six monumental sculptures seen against the backdrop of Viareggio’s superb landscape. It pivots upon the artist’s masterful ability in moulding bronze. In his hands, this hard material becomes as dynamic and as whirling as running water.

The event, which has begun on 8 December 2022 and will end on 31 March 2023, creates a narrative path on the Viareggio seafront promenade. By following this path, the public will be able to experience at first hand Maestro Roggi’s philosophy and artistic taste. His works can be contemplated at the Terrazza della Repubblica, at Piazza della Repubblica, Piazza Maria Luisa and, last but not least, at the Madonnina Pier (Molo La Madonnina).

All these pieces reflect a distinctive aesthetic personality, and – even more than that – the artist’s deep philosophical thinking on the themes that inspire his work: the feeling of love that all humans have in common, the relationship between time and the individual, the salvific power of knowledge, and the necessary connection with one’s cultural and familial roots. With this intimate tribute to sacred things (both material and immaterial), Andrea Roggi aims to convey the importance of a return to a more intellectually genuine dimension, maybe to a more meditative state of being. Within this state, feeling and thought would reach a higher balance and leave room for a fuller awareness.

A highlight of the exhibition, the works dedicated to the theme of the Source of life (Sorgente della Vita) have been crafted by overcoming huge practical difficulties. In the course of time, the artist has invested a great amount of study and conducted countless experiments in this direction. Thanks to his painstaking work and meticulous labor-limae, these sculptures now express all the energy and transparency of water through the powerful medium of bronze.

«It may be an obvious thing to say, but exhibiting in my native Tuscany is a labour of love. I have the strong feeling that my works acquire a moving energy when they find themselves in the land which inspired them. Also, the connection I have with Versilia dates from way back: I spend most of my free time around here, looking for ideas and spiritual renewal, because I know that it is around here that I can find those things», said Maestro Roggi.

The event is organized by the Viareggio municipality in collaboration with the Ravagnan Gallery and the Creativity Park Cultural Association (Associazione Culturale Parco della Creatività).

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