Andrea Roggi

9.5.2023 - 12.6.2023
Salone Nautico di Venezia
Riva Ca' di Dio
Campo San Vio

Andrea Roggi's art returns to Venice with a solo exhibition on the occasion of the Boat Show.

Genesys | Il Seme della Rinascita (Genesys | The Seed of Rebirth) is the title of the exhibition, promoted by the Ravagnan Gallery and the Parco della Creatività Cultural Associa-tion in collaboration with the Venice Boat Show, which will be held from 9 May to 12 June 2023 in Venice in Campo San Vio, Riva Ca' di Dio and at the Arsenale, during the Boat Show. Through this project, which casts a glance at Maestro Andrea Roggi's philosophy, it will be possible to discover how the Tuscan artist's ideas are communicated through the lan-guage of sculpture and the aesthetics of bronze.

“Ever since my first work,” explains Andrea Roggi, “I have felt the need to express concepts, thoughts. Today more than ever. And when people interpret my works and I realise that my message is precisely understood, then I experience a feeling of joy, truly indescribable. Re-turning to Venice is always exciting: to sail the lagoon, to breathe that clear air... My works want to instil hope and I believe there is no better place for that to happen”.

The exhibition consists of five monumental sculptures and one exemplar of the work Energia della Vita (Energy of Life): one work will be installed in Campo San Vio, three on the Riva Ca' di Dio and two others at the Arsenale, during the Venice Boat Show. As Director Fabrizio D'Oria states, “since the very first edition, the Boat Show has been in dialogue with contempo-rary art, hosting site-specific works and artistic projects conceived for the event by major in-ternational artists. This year we are delighted to be able to admire Andrea Roggi's large bron-ze works”. The exhibition is substantiated as a contemplative journey in which themes such as love, ecology, altruism, time and knowledge combine and interpenetrate each other, gene-rating original images and forms, typical of Roggi's poetics.

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