Primo Formenti

Primo Formenti was born in Palazzo sull'Oglio (Brescia), in 1941.
He lives and works in Italy.
Formenti Primo was born in 1941 in Palazzolo sull'Oglio in the province of Brescia, where still nowadays he carries on his activity. 

His artistic career has started within the Parisian environment of the early 60's, whom cultural turmoil had affected the artist so badly that eventually, it has led him to a constant pursuit and transformation of colors and matter.

In the 70's he joined the group "E"-  a special period characterized by creativity and by the right choice of a particular painting technique, really close to the one he used to paint his mural, with the purpose of express tending abstract issues. In this way, he shall draw up different topics, such as "Giocando", "Le Donne", "I Manifesti Immaginari", "I Rapporti". With this latter (lasted from 1987 until 1996) he joined the group "Disarmonie Espressioniste", founded by Daniela Palazzoli and Giovanni Repossi. Formenti eventually started to create well-defined relations and alternatively dominant between color, object, and matter.

Highly attractive are also the "Steli", big shapes of painted wooden, from whom clear geometric structure it emerges a thick chromatic mixture, which at the same time looks more nuanced and vanishing.

From 1997 he has worked to his new thematic of "Racconti" (Stories) where the narration is purely abstract. In the meanwhile, the artist has taken on the production of glasses where different chromatic elements converse through established lines which intertwine the weft.

Several of his exhibitions were set up around the most important cities, both in Italy and abroad: Milano, Venezia, Bergamo, Roma, Pesaro, Rotterdam, Stoccolma, Vienna, Chicago, Atlanta, Napoli, Parigi, Bruxelles, Barcellona, Zagabria, Rio de Janeiro and so forth.
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