Nadia Cascini

Nadia Cascini was born in Arezzo, in 1970.
She lives and works in Italy.
Daughter of two goldsmiths. Her passion grows up, attending Arezzo’s Art College and graduating in the Metal and Jewelry sector. During her studies, she started dealing with painting, improving her painting skills thanks to some drawing school in Arezzo. In the second half of the 80’s she started to join hundreds of painting competitions, all around Italy and she gained the first place in most of them. In 1999, in Marina di Ravenna, she was awarded twice, she was the only woman (in 90 competitors, in 46 competitions) that won.

In the second half of the ’90s, Nadia worked with French, Spanish, German, and Dutch art galleries, exploring landscapes, composition, figurative paintings, and her precious Venice that makes in year deep and personal.

Nadia works, after a general overview, on the lights, overlaying many layers of color sequentially. She also mixes different framings in the same space and this gives a dynamic, incorporeal nature in her paintings. The world she paints is a fusion between the real world, the imaginary, and the magic one.

 Through the oil painting, Nadia Cascini, makes an overlay of particular shades, realizing amazing works full of mystery. With every soft brush strokes, she does create artworks full of personality. Nadia is constantly in search of harmony; her subjects are connected with poetry.

 For many years now, her paintings can be found in important art galleries in Singapore, New York, and in all Europe.
ARTISTIC PARTNERSHIP Sina Centurion Palace 01.10.2021 GROUP SHOW Il Teatro Si Mostra 04.11.20 - 24.11.2020
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