Made514 was born in Padua (Venice), in 1975.
He lives and works in Italy.
Born in Padua, he began his activity in the world of graffiti in the early 90s. At the same time with his work in the world of writing he pursued an artistic career linked to painting in the name of the experimentation of materials and techniques transposing the experience of writing on more conventional supports. In his works, dreamlike atmospheres stimulate empathic aesthetic suggestions, with the result that the observers immediately project themselves into the works of the artist.

The artist has brought the letteringn study to a level of complexity where the sinuous dynamism of the letters of his name takes the flight and breaks up into a mix of oriental and psychedelic suggestions. His works are characterized by soft shapes, sharp lines, emotional spots and very dynamic movements opposed to a geometric model, in which the letters find the space to merge with the figurative world. The mixture of lettering and figurative, present since the beginnings of the the artist works, and the frequent use of bright tones and strong contrasts, allows him to produce scenarios with very strong chromatic impacts, in which the works overcome the barrier of two-dimensionality and, through a study on depth and perspective detach from the wall. The insertion of limbs, faces and figures guarantees him the achievement of apexes of tension transcending the three dimensions to involve the fourth, the temporal dimension.

In his research on letters, he uses the tag as a vehicle for study, the gesture of movement as an expression of the will, the lettering as a resultant construct, the message is often distorted and psychedelic in which the gestures of calligraphy are pronounced and crystallized over timeExpression.

There seems to be a tension in precarious yet perfect balance that animates the work of Made514 between chaos and control. A subtle thread that succeeds, in graffiti as in works on canvas and paper, to combine two apparently antithetical aspects in a subtle fusion of the fascinating visual aspect. This same tension returns as an uninterrupted trail throughout the artist's production. The letters gradually became fluid in the pieces of Made, becoming forms, until they merged into a chaotic sinuosity, yet regulated by precise readings. His work has led him to paint and exhibit in many Italian and foreign cities.
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