Joys was born in Padova, (Venice), in 1974.
He lives and works between Italy and the United Kingdom.
Joys began his artistic career in the nineties, as many writers began graffiti. He focused his research on lettering, first as a need for self-expression and then turned into a need for evolution and exploration. His studies go beyond the two dimensional and acquire a plasticity and style that reaches into the most deeply-rooted logical parts of our mind.

The works of JOYS have been recognized by the insiders of the art world in Europe thanks to his intense attention to detail and a strategic study of lettering.  Stratified lines and layers with Joys have built impossible labyrinths where nothing is left to chance and the shapes always obey precise, logical rules.

For years, JOYS has extended his visual language to sculptures, buildings and other objects - always applying his unique style. For more than 25 years, his dedication to the precision and execution of his craft has now made him recognizable across all continents of the world. His public art works and murals have been displayed across Europe, the Americas and also in China, Taiwan, Australia and Africa. Some of his exhibitions include different important recognized institutions, such as the MART in Rovereto, Italy, as well as the Gyeongggi Musem of Modern Art in South Korea.
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