J. Leitner

J. Leitner was born in Born Graz (Austria), in 1977.
He lives and works in Austria.

He is a traveler and a creator. A person who loves change and new experiences as much as he does constancy and stillness. It is exactly this passion that has repeatedly led him to travel the world.

The artist draws inspiration from his travels: a plethora of diverse countries and cultures, colours and shapes that fascinate him and characterize his work. The result is a series of unique pieces that speak with their own voices, each telling a different, unique story.

Luxury is unique, and so are the FRENCH BRUNO sculptures. The creations of J. Leitner are exclusive works of art whose value is not only artistic.
All FRENCH BRUNO sculptures are more than that: they are distinct and unique pieces.

Carved from fine ceramic or aluminum and dotted with thousand of crystals, each sculpture has been exquisitely handmade in Austria.

In the last years, he had solo and group exhibitions in Graz, Salzburg, Vienna, Munich and Miami.

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