Giorgio Tentolini

Giorgio Tentolini was born in Casalmaggiore (Cremona) in 1978, where he lives and works.

He studied Graphic Arts at the Paolo Toschi Art Institute in Parma, and graduated in design and communication from the University of Project in Reggio Emilia.

Each of his works emerges from a precise investigation into time as memory and identity, in a careful and slow reconstruction that takes place through the study of light and the engraving of layers of different materials, fabrics, papers, PVC.

Currently, tulle and wire mesh are the main media of his research, for the meditative lightness that their layers return to the image, a metaphor for places and memories, dreams and visions. It is therefore a pictorial work that experiences the reality of sculpture.

He began exhibiting in the early 2000s, receiving important national and international recognition. 
His works have been exhibited in Rome, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, London, Geneva, and Mykonos in Europe, and in Miami, New York, and New Orleans in the United States. He has also had exhibitions in Taiwan and Dubai.

His works have been presented in prestigious public spaces such as the Italian Cultural Institute in Athens, the Etruscan Museum in Rome, the Royal Palace in Milan, the Regio Theater in Parma, the Museo Mar of Ravenna, the Museum of Salò, and the Legislative Assembly of the Emilia Romagna Region.

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