Claudio Malacarne

Claudio Malacarne was born in Mantova, in 1956.
He lives and works in Italy.
He is a painter with a particular fondness for drawing, which from the very beginning seems to be his way of appropriating reality, a kind of "existential urgency."

Since the 1980s, post-Impressionist influence has emerged in his paintings: the sumptuous legacy of Matisse is reflected in his works, along with the enchantment, suspension and anxious wonder of Valéry.

His pictorial cycles, including the "Jazz Concert," the "Animals" and the "Bathers" (the latter inspired by the Spanish realism of Jaoquin Sorolla), have been widely praised by critics and his admirers.

For several years, Claudio Malacarne has been an active participant in many important art fairs in Italy and Europe, as well as exhibiting in renowned art galleries both domestically and abroad.

He currently resides and works in Soave Mantovano.
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