Annalù was born in San Donà di Piave (Venice), in 1976.
She lives and works in Italy.
For several years she has been developing graphic/paint, sculpture, and installation work in Italy and abroad. She belongs to that species of artists for whom dominating matter, chemical, physical substances, is part of a wider exploring process, which no doubt involves art, but also the less palpable dimensions of the soul.

In her works, there is a feeling of metamorphosis, of transition, evolution conceived as a journey between different conditions, diverse realities, a spirit of quest sharing some features typical of alchemic science. The Artist is a disciple of metamorphosis, intent on penetrating the mysteries of creation, able to assemble incongruous elements such as resins and paper, bark and glass wool, bitumen and sand, cement and roots, to create new realities, worlds suspended where alchemy is lightness.

Annalù, graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Venice (1999), lives and works in her "palafitte" home by the river Piave in Passarella di San Donà di Piave, Venice. Since 2001 her works have been shown in numerous personal and collective exhibits in Italy and abroad. Among them: the Venice Biennale in 2001 and 2011; Nefes, alchimia di un soffio in Galleria Punto sull'Arte di Varese and Sciamane in Gilda Art Gallery in Milan in 2017, Frozen Instant, Parkview Art Gallery Hong Kong curated by Italian Consulate in HK and Preview Art and Drop of Sunshine in cold Water at the Gallery on Fifth, Naples, Florida USA in 2016; Florida USA, Simulacri at the Gagliardi Gallery (Siena, Italy) and Frozen Moments at the Parkview Art Gallery in Hong Kong, 2015; Liquida at the Davico Gallery in 2014 in Torin, Codex 2013 and De Rerum Natura 2012 at Gagliardi Gallery (Siena), and Legendary Nature at the Red Elation Gallery in Hong Kong, 2013; Unfolding at the Dac Gallery, Los Angeles in 2008, Fluttuazioni 2009 and Reverie 2011 at the Forni Gallery in Bologna.

She has won several awards and mentions (Arte Laguna Award, "Painting and Sculpture" section: 2007 - 2 Awards - and 2008 - 3 Awards -; White Pages Award 2006; 1st Stonefly Prize for Contemporary Art in 2008; Award "Ora" 2011; 1st Prize "Opera le vie dell’Acqua" 2012; 1st Prize Zaha Hadid Award, Salerno Biennal 2016). She has been selected as an Italian representative in the International collective exhibition at the Moya Museum in Vienna.

Annalù's works have been shown in a number of Italian and foreign museums and can be found in public and private collections in Italy and abroad.
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