Alex Face

Born in 1981 in Chachoengsao,Thailand
SOLO SHOW Drifting Upstream
Alex Face
22.05.2019 - 04.06.2019

Earned his name as Thai graffiti artist, Alex Face maneuvers in the public space to provoke thoughts from city dwellers. His street art has grown boundless in public areas of Thailand as much as in other cities overseas, for example, Tokyo, Seoul, Taipei, Jakarta, Oslo, Amsterdam. His significant fame came in 2009 when he has become a father of a daughter, concerned about the becoming world in which she will live. Alex introduced a three-eyed child dressed a ragged rabbit suit, inspired by his newborn daughter, Mardi, who has sometimes her eyes closed, and gives passerbys a sense of weary vulnerability and wry look.

Since the debut of the child character, his work has become a sensation of Bangkok cityscape, and he has been invited to show in many international street arts festivals such as The Rendezvous (2012, Yangon Myanmar) Moniker Art Fair (2013, London United Kingdom) ThaiTai Project (2013, Taipei Taiwan) and Urban up Korea Street Art Festival (2014, Seoul South Korea) including Graffiti Workshop Break the Ice (2014, Bodø Norway). His solo exhibition, Alive (2016), at BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY, revealed his vigorous skill of painter and sculptor which clearly equips his remarkable quality as a street artist. In 2018, he joined the 1st Bangkok Art Biennale where he occupied the Bank of Thailand Learning Center.

Lives and works in Bangkok, Thailand.

© Alex Face, Courtesy of the Artist, BANGKOK CITYCITY GALLERY and RAVAGNAN GALLERY